Features of Rubber Conveyor Belt

Mechanical Strength Is High.
Flexibility is High.
Abrasion Resistance is High.
Exceptionally High Adhesive Levels Provide A Lasting Bond Between Rubber Covers And Plies.
Exceptional Cut And Wear Resistance To Negotiate Heavy Impact Of Large Size Parts And Sharp Material.
Resistance to Chemicals.
Very Durable.
Cleaning Requirement Is Minimum.
Compounds Developed To Work In Tough And Rigorous Applications Providing High Wear Resistance To Many Abrasive Materials.
Special Rubber Cover Compounds For Conveying Elevated And High Speed Conveying.
Selection Of High-quality Raw Materials – We Do Not Use Any Regenerated Process Oils.
Carcass Quality And Design Maintain Belt Trough Ability And Longitudinal Flexibility.
Easy To Splice Using Standard Materials And Methods.